So, in “All About the Pieces” I told you about my wonderful family members. You really want to know about me too? Okay, long sigh…

I’m a thirty-something stay at home Momma who actually stays quite busy with three kiddos who are on the spectrum – and those three kiddos all go to different schools, two of which are in a different county all together. And I have a 24/7 toddler sidekick who is a non stop firecracker full of energy and enthusiasm, endless love for his momma, and surprises for the world.

In a previous “life” I worked in green architecture and marketing, and the deadlines at work kinda-really gave me a rush. That, and I’m a perfectionist and like to get things done, and well, done right. These qualities have transferred well, I suppose to being a momma of many, and of little ones with special needs — I make lists get stuff done, right hopefully the first time; I push to get things done for my loves, and I want them done correctly, I follow up and I’m darn annoying. From the car pick up line, to therapies, to homework and parent teacher conferences, to making sure they are getting all the minutes of therapy a week in school they should be.

Otherwise, I love to bake cakes and make bread from scratch, and attempt cool dinners on occasion. I’m an artsy gal who enjoys drawing, coloring, painting — anything creative really. And, obviously, I like to write.

But these days my concentration is on my kiddos. And making sure they all get what they need to succeed. I’m dedicated to God, husband and family. They are my life. That’s what really matters.