Guess What?!? I’m a Contributing Writer for TBMB!

That’s write…errr….right!  As if I needed more things to do, I decided to do something for myself and that I enjoy doing and become a contributing writer for a local Moms Blog! The Tampa Bay Moms Blog is a parenting website/blog written by Tampa Bay area moms (like me!) and is focused on keeping Mommas and Daddys in the know on activities around town, provide sound parenting adivce and give encouragement to one another.  It’s nice because the contributing writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, live in different neighborhoods throughout the Tampa Bay area, yet we all ahev … Continue reading Guess What?!? I’m a Contributing Writer for TBMB!

School Car Line Challenges

Any parent who has the luxury of being in the school line (particularly during the beginning weeks of school), knows how chaotic and frustrating these lines can be.  There is absolutely no standard between schools on how these car lines are setup and run. So, if you are lucky enough to have to go through more than one of these fun monstrosities you then need to learn two sets of absurd rules for dropping off and picking up your children. I am one of those “lucky” mammas – my middle two girls in elementary school go two different schools because … Continue reading School Car Line Challenges

The ABC’s of ABA

Below is a glossary/collection of ABA terms that are extremely helpful to know as a parent when your child is going through ABA Therapy. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) – An established science that goes MUCH father than just treating those on the ASD.  if all you know that ABA is a treatment for young children with Autism, then I recommend you read further into the field.  ABA at its core is a was to teach, manage and/or reduce behaviors.  ABA is actually an umbrella term that can cover many specific and unique strategies; for example Incidental Training, Discrete Trial Training … Continue reading The ABC’s of ABA