Guess What?!? I’m a Contributing Writer for TBMB!

That’s write…errr….right!  As if I needed more things to do, I decided to do something for myself and that I enjoy doing and become a contributing writer for a local Moms Blog!


The Tampa Bay Moms Blog is a parenting website/blog written by Tampa Bay area moms (like me!) and is focused on keeping Mommas and Daddys in the know on activities around town, provide sound parenting adivce and give encouragement to one another.  It’s nice because the contributing writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, live in different neighborhoods throughout the Tampa Bay area, yet we all ahev the same goal – to come together and provide a great blog!

My first blog post for TBMB, How a New Florida Momma Navigates Free VPK, It’s Quicks and Easy, can be found following the link.


I hop you will take a few minutes to read my blog and peruse the Tampa Bay Moms Blog website as it has lot of cool infomation and other blog posts that are most definently worth reading!

Oh, and let me know what you think of my my very TBMB blog post!  I would love to know your thoughts!  Thanks!