Emmalee’s Art-Abration was a Blast!

Emma and Vivian were blessed enough to be invited by a friend to Emmalee’s Art-Abration, hosted by Sherry’s Craftastic Cottage, this Art-Abration is an annual celebration event for families of children with special needs.  The goal was for the children to enjoy the gift of art and to build friendships in an inclusive environment and is a part of  Art-Ability, an inclusive art program for children of all abilities in grades K-12. 

Who is this Emmalee you ask?  Well, Emmalee is the daughter of Wayne and Tina, the founders of the Ability Tree, Florida.  And this day is to honor her and the gift from God from she is along with every single other child that He blesses us with, no matter their ability level!!!

Dad took Emma and Vivi this time to the event, so I missed out on the art fun and am telling the story second hand.  But apparently, it was loads and loads of fun!  Emma, Vivian, and all the kiddos there got to make their own paintings, and my girls came home with absolutely gorgeous snowman paintings(as you can see below)!  They must have had a good time because Vivi had enough paint on her in various places that she needed to take a quick shower to get all cleaned up before meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa for lunch (don’t worry, it washes of the kiddos and the clothes!).  Emma said she fun paining too, of course! 

A great BIG THANK YOU to Sherry’s Craftastic Cottage and Ability Tree for a wonderful event that my little girls thoroughly enjoyed and my hubby got to have some Daddy — Daughter time at!!!

Today Is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Today November 17, 2018, is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, a day where we remember our lost loved ones and how they lived, remembering the moments of joy that existed along side the pain.  We remember that their death deos not define them; it does not define us.

We remember that here is hope.  Hope for healing. Hope for recovery. Hope for others. Hope for ourselves. Hope for a better tomorrow.

And Then a Tornado Went By the House!?!


…Here comes Friday for the win on a long, drawn out week. But wait, not so fast, said the weather.  From listening to the weather that morning, I knew that there was a line of storms coming in the afternoon.  I thought all the witches left Halloween night, so why a tornado….?!?

Jenny was off from school on Friday, so after taking Emma and Vivian to school, and running to Target, I headed home with my little coughing man to spend some time with my best teenager.  We hung out as the Baby Shawn napped and then headed out for a quick lunch at the best place – Panera Bread, of course.  I had some gorgeous lunch dates!

After lunch, we noticed the skies were getting darker and while picking Emma up from school, it started to rain.  Once we got home, it started to rain a little more, then I got a message from my step mom asking if we were OK.  So I turned on the news to find that there was a Torcartoon-1296854_1280.pngnado Warning in the area, so I told Jenny if I called for her to get in the bathroom, quick!  I covered all the windows but the kitchen window so I could see a little of what was going on outside.

It got pretty rough looking out and then there was a a strange calm.  This was just after the meteorologist explaining this certain occurrence he saw on the radar where a strong line a thunderstorms will come through then a calm, and it start a spin in the atmosphere, and poof, a tornado begins.

Shawn got stuck in some horrendous traffic trying to pick up Vivian from school.  The wonderful staff at Vivian’s school took care of our girl until he got there.  The roads were horrible with downed lines and accidents.  But Shawn and Vivi made it home, nearly two and half hours late, but safe, thank the good Lord above.





Halloween at Our House This Year

We have a tradition at our house of coming home that on Halloween, we get everyone home from school, get pizzas, then go trick or treating!  However, this year ended up ittle different than year’s past…

45288717_1163301887161933_8676536963936813056_oWe had a funky cough going through the house, but it was never a full cold or sickness for anyone, just a funky cough…. well, until Shawn seeemed to get sick.  Emma and Vivi already had it for  days, so they were no longer contagious. But poor Shawn got sick and got ssiicckk.  So Wednesday morning I took him to the pediatrician, and it was confirmed, yep…RSV and an ear infection.  He spent the majority of the night in bed with me with a fever and a ratchety cough.  And I was to be prepared for it to get worse, I was told?  Aww, I felt so bad for my poor little man.

So, since I had to take my sick little dude to the pediatrician, Shawn took off work and took Emma and Vivian to school.  I was a bit bummed because I was going to try to see Vivi in her Good Character Parade at school.  But as I was told, Vivi refused to let her teacher put her costume on her anyway.  Ah, my strong willed children, at it again.  We had no problem getting that costume on her at home though, so…?

After getting my Baby Shawn home from the pediatrician, I had a few minutes, and since Shawn was home to pick up Emma and Vivi from school, I desperately wanted to finish my little project for Vivi.  I wanted to make little cards for her to give in exchange for treats, since she is unable to speak.  The benefit to the cards, hopefully, is bifold – it reforces the use of cards in exchange for a preferred item (in this case, candy) and it will hopefully spread the public awareness about autism.  The card reads “Happy Halloween, I have Autism which can make it hard to speak.  Please accept this card as a Thank You for the Treat!” If you are interested in using these cards for your little one, please contact me and I can send you the template!

Since Baby Shawn was sick, he stayed home with me and Jenny, who decided to dress up a little herself in cosplay as Undertale Sans.  Dad took Emma, who dressed up as a very cute bee and Vivi the good fairy to a Trunk of Treat.  Good thing I had backup to help me answer the door at home, I don’t know what I would have done if I was by byself, the whopping two times the door bell rang.

We had pizza that night, but not order out, I got some from the grocery store and baked them in oven.  I actually prefer that over the delivery, as its not nearly as greasy, and you can add a few toppings if you want, and the best reason, its cheaper!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Party at the Y!

We love our love our Hernando YMCA.  Of course it’s a great place to go if you want to workout or join a group exercise class, but really the YMCA is so much more.  Our local Y has a great Kid Zone that our little ones enjoy playing in, and that actually gives us a little bit of respite if needed, if we’re not in the mood to workout or hang by the pool that day.  But the Y also has a TON of other stuff too — a variety of classes from arts and crafts to nutrition classes to special events for teens on Friday Nights.

But this was a special Halloween Party for the kiddos, with lots of activities, a haunted house, and fun, fun, fun.  Even though I wasn’t able to attend with my littles, the report I heard back from Dad and the children was that it was a fun, fun time and definently worth the experience!  Here’s the “best” pic before they left for their Hallowen at Y adventure! (yes, that was the best one..)