Halloween Party at the Y!

We love our love our Hernando YMCA.  Of course it’s a great place to go if you want to workout or join a group exercise class, but really the YMCA is so much more.  Our local Y has a great Kid Zone that our little ones enjoy playing in, and that actually gives us a little bit of respite if needed, if we’re not in the mood to workout or hang by the pool that day.  But the Y also has a TON of other stuff too — a variety of classes from arts and crafts to nutrition classes to … Continue reading Halloween Party at the Y!

My Baby Boy Turned TWO Last Week! Can you Believe It?!?

I can’t believe it…my sweet baby boy turned two years old last week! You know, it seems like just yesterday I was carrying him in my belly, and I could feel him kick me when I  stopped moving.  He loved movement, and let me tell you, it was a good prediction on my part, that he would be love movement outside the womb, too.  As an infant, he loved to be rocked, danced with, walked, and put in  the swing at times.  And now, he loves to move, run, climb stairs, crawl, and try to do everything his big sisters … Continue reading My Baby Boy Turned TWO Last Week! Can you Believe It?!?

That Moment…Part II

[…Part I…That Moment {I Found Out an Old Friend/Colleague Completed Suicide}] …as I mentioned, suicide is a very personal subject for me, and has touched, entered and affected my life in more ways than I can or care to count. So this subjected post had to become a two-parter. When I read my friend’s message that Ru had taken his life, I was a stunned – I was surprised to see a message at all from her really, we aren’t that close, especially since I moved to Florida. And for the news to be about him. And for it to … Continue reading That Moment…Part II

How my life changed three years ago…

Three very short years ago, today, which actually seems like an eternity ago now, another lifetime, I awoke (well, I don’t think I really slept that night) at about three in the morning. At the time, I was staying with my parents. They got up early with me and we had a nice breakfast. If I recall correctly, scrambled eggs, a lightly toasted cinnamon raisin english muffin with a touch of butter, and sausage. We ate together quickly and got to work put the last bits of my important possessions into my little Chevy Cruze that was parked in the … Continue reading How my life changed three years ago…