Today Is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Today November 17, 2018, is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, a day where we remember our lost loved ones and how they lived, remembering the moments of joy that existed along side the pain.  We remember that their death deos not define them; it does not define us. We remember that here is hope.  Hope for healing. Hope for recovery. Hope for others. Hope for ourselves. Hope for a better tomorrow. Continue reading Today Is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

That Moment…Part II

[…Part I…That Moment {I Found Out an Old Friend/Colleague Completed Suicide}] …as I mentioned, suicide is a very personal subject for me, and has touched, entered and affected my life in more ways than I can or care to count. So this subjected post had to become a two-parter. When I read my friend’s message that Ru had taken his life, I was a stunned – I was surprised to see a message at all from her really, we aren’t that close, especially since I moved to Florida. And for the news to be about him. And for it to … Continue reading That Moment…Part II