That Moment…Part II

[…Part I…That Moment {I Found Out an Old Friend/Colleague Completed Suicide}] …as I mentioned, suicide is a very personal subject for me, and has touched, entered and affected my life in more ways than I can or care to count. So this subjected post had to become a two-parter. When I read my friend’s message that Ru had taken his life, I was a stunned – I was surprised to see a message at all from her really, we aren’t that close, especially since I moved to Florida. And for the news to be about him. And for it to … Continue reading That Moment…Part II

School Car Line Challenges

Any parent who has the luxury of being in the school line (particularly during the beginning weeks of school), knows how chaotic and frustrating these lines can be.  There is absolutely no standard between schools on how these car lines are setup and run. So, if you are lucky enough to have to go through more than one of these fun monstrosities you then need to learn two sets of absurd rules for dropping off and picking up your children. I am one of those “lucky” mammas – my middle two girls in elementary school go two different schools because … Continue reading School Car Line Challenges

Happy 8th Birthday Miss Emma!

Yesterday was Miss Emma’s Eighth birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet and sassy, beautiful and bold, energetic Emma! It’s very hard for me to believe she is eight, already!!! We decided to keep all the kids birthdays this year low key, and to do the parties next year. We’ll probably do it that way (every other year) unless there’s a milestone year for one of the kids that is a “must-have-a-party” kind of a year.  And since Daddy had drill this weekend anyway, family-only and low-key seemed the way to go. Emma picked the Chinese Buffet for dinner, so as … Continue reading Happy 8th Birthday Miss Emma!

Look Out, It’s Super…. Achoo!

So, I had all these fond, super lofty goals (as one often does when beginning something super fun, like, say, a blog) with post at least once maybe even twice a week if I was lucky.  I mean, I wasn’t going to get all over zealous and say they had to be long blog posts with academic-type references at the end or anything… So I made a mental list of awesome things to write about because we have plenty of material to write about, and then boom, I caught the cold from hell.  Said cold put me in a what … Continue reading Look Out, It’s Super…. Achoo!